Humanetek Pvt Ltd was founded in 2015 to build and operate Mohafiz, a provider of holistic end-to-end life support services and an aggregator for acute emergencies. Mohafiz boasts the largest online database of blood donors across the country, and Mohafiz routinely handles emergencies of all kinds, ranging from harassment, robberies, kidnappings, life-threatening injuries, power outages, missing persons, natural disasters, and pandemics. Mohafiz was created to be a friend in need -- the friend who stays in the shadows as a silent protector and is always ready to help when the need arises. All Mohafiz asks for in return is for everyone to pay it forward; we dream of creating self-reliant communities under our banner of #BeYourOwnMohafiz. We dream of a day when all Pakistanis are their own Mohafiz. We dream of a safe, secure, self-sufficient Pakistan


100% calls attended and responded to

Proactive. We act within
an hour

MOU network spreads over 364 cities of Pakistan

We deliver beyond



50,000+ validation calls

10,000+ lives saved

Handling emergencies in 364+ cities globally

9.2x growth in the last 8 months

150,000+ volunteers

MOU with Rescue 112 KPK and Punjab

90,000+ organic downloads

Country’s largest database of blood donors

4,552 women rescued in critical emergencies

Database of verified and classified responders


Plugging institutional gaps in developing economies, thereby enabling founders and startups to focus on what they do best. Mohafiz Secure is a risk mitigation and crisis management service that helps your organization in protecting itself from anything that can disrupt the reputation and business continuity of your organization.

Khadim is a concierge service devoted to serving families based in Pakistan.
From life-threatening emergencies to the most mundane of household chores, errands, and maintenance.
Khadim is there to do everything.

Chiragh aims to focus on those who will be the ones creating change tomorrow: the children and youth of today. The goal is to educate them to be empathetic and to put the needs of others before them via a series of professionally approved events, interplays and activities.


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